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Hello Repair Café Friends:

With the gradual relaxation of Covid restrictions on social gatherings, Rodeo City Repair Café is pleased to announce the resumption of our monthly Second-Saturday repair clinics. Last month we held a “soft opening” at our usual location, the IOOF Cemetery Shop at 1900 N. Brick Rd. in Ellensburg. We announced this event only to the members of our mailing list because we wanted to ease into reopening gradually, allowing us some breathing room to try out the Covid safety precautions which we will probably have to keep in place at our events for some time to come.

Our Saturday “soft opening” went well. In spite of the cool blustery weather, we were able to stay fairly comfortable. We kept the bay door open to keep the shop well-ventilated and had masks and hand sanitizer available on our front counter for those in need. We saw an interesting mix of repair projects; lamps (of course) but also an electric chainsaw, a coffee maker, a vacuum cleaner and a paper shredder. Several clients made trips to local businesses to pick up repair parts for their projects. It really did have the feel of “old-home-day”.

Our next repair clinic is scheduled for Saturday, May 8. We will be advertising widely for this event and expect a good turnout of both clients and repair volunteers. Please pass the word that RCRC is back!

As we gear up to return to our normal once-a-month operations, we are on the lookout for folks to volunteer with our organization.

Do you have a knack for troubleshooting and repairing household small appliances, lamps, hand and power tools, furniture, bicycles or clothing and other fabric or leather items? Do you think you might enjoy using your skills to help others solve their fix-it problems? If so, please consider volunteering with us. We don’t ask volunteers to make a long-term time commitment. Participation is on an as-can, as-want basis and we strive for a friendly, relaxed, low-pressure feeling at our events. If you know someone who’s not on our mailing list and might enjoy volunteering with us, please encourage them to come by one of our Second Saturday events and check us out.

Our Mission

Repair Café is a grassroots organization dedicated to raising awareness that we can reduce harmful resource extraction, prevent resource over-consumption and ease the burden on landfills by repairing our broken household goods and keeping them in service. At our monthly repair clinics, skilled volunteers will assist you with repairing your broken or non-functional items.

Owning what you purchase means owning the right to repair it.


Annie Leonard

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