2019 Clinics

You can find us at the IOOF Cemetary Shop, second Saturday of every month, 10:00-2:00.

Ample free parking, easy access

Our friendly volunteers are ready to welcome you and your broken items. Challenge accepted!

Little in the word beats the joy in a child's face when a favorite toy is brought back into play.

This clarinet case goes back to work.

Never a dull moment!

Everything we work on gets our complete attention.

Sometimes, all an item needs is a little freshening-up of electrical contacts.

This air conditioner came in looking like Humpty Dumpty after his great fall — really! All the king's horses and all the king's men were no match for our volunteers' repair skills.

The hills, once quiet, ...

...are again alive with the sound of music.

From generators to jewelry, volunteers are always willing to save precious possessions — and resources.

Donations gratefully accepted

Zipper repair is popular

If we provide children with the right tools and skills they can fix anything

Repairing broken things is fun and scary-good

Sometimes the task looks complicated

There are a few things we don't "fix"

Repair = fine work + patience + skill + a little luck

Guest participation is key

Sometimes, all it takes is duck tape

We celebrated our first year on June 8th, serving our community. Everyone enjoyed sublime weather, terrific neighbors, great conversation, and yummy cupcakes.