Get Involved

Volunteers Wanted: Mentors and Mentees

We love to share our knowledge as much as we love to learn new ways to fix things. We have a standing open invitation to community members who would like to learn how to fix different things by volunteering, learning and teaching troubleshooting and repair techniques. Half the fun is figuring out why something doesn't work!

Safety First!

We practice safe shop operations procedures and can provide some loaner PPE (personal protection equipment) if you need it. You are welcome to bring your own too.

Don't know how to fix your item?

We're more than happy to teach you our techniques and help you develop skills so you can fix it yourself. This doesn't just mean hard skills, but the Art of Troubleshooting too. There's nothing more gratifying than figuring out how and repairing your own stuff, knowing you saved something from the landfill and you get to keep using it.

We have access to not only skills, but tools and a place out of the weather to get the repair done properly.

Hello, Parts Department...

Sometimes your items need parts to complete repairs. In many cases local businesses, just minutes away, have what you need. If you need specialty parts, we can look them up for you so you get the correct parts at fair prices.

We are happy to give you a shopping list with what you need and where to get it.

Learn Cool Stuff

In course of the repair, your repair tech(s) will explain what's going on: and how your broken item can be fixed. Many of our volunteers know a wealth of interesting trivia about your item.

You might be amazed at how many broken items can be brought back from the dead in the Odd Fellows Cemetery shop.