About Us

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Who we are

Rodeo City Repair Café is a community of volunteers donating their time to help with the repair of household appliances, lamps, tools, furniture, bicycles and clothing, to keep these items in service and reduce landfill waste. Repair staff offer a wide range of repair skills and knowledge and we have a good selection of tools on hand. Our events are held at the IOOF Cemetery Shop on Radio HIll, 1900 N. Brick Rd. in Ellensburg. Our repair services are offered free to community members. We gladly accept donations of money, tools or repair materials.

Why We Do This

It's no secret that our planet is quickly running out of room for trash — there's just too much of it. "Dump countries", which have taken our waste in the past, are refusing to take more. Our trash clogs waterways, beaches and oceans world-wide. Rodeo City Repair Café is part of the international Repair Café organization, dedicated to combating waste with repair and reuse.

So many savable things are written off as garbage when all they need is some TLC: A bolt, a screw, a cord, plug, switch or fuse here, a little darning or stitching there. Rodeo City Repair Cafe can provide the expertise and TLC needed to put your broken things back into service.

About Repair Café International

Rodeo City Repair Café is just one of 1200 Repair Cafés worldwide. Repair Café started as a neighborhood event near Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2009, by Martina Potsma. Repair Café International has grown from a single community event into a worldwide culture of repair and reuse.

For information on starting a Repair Café near you contact: www.repaircafe.org